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Membership in VJMC-Calgary is open to anyone who has an interest in vintage Japanese motorcycles. Ownership of a vintage Japanese motorcycle is not a requirement for membership in the group as an interest in the bikes can, and often does, go beyond the physical ownership of an old Japanese bike.

VJMC-Calgary recognizes the "Memories Factor" that most, if not all, individuals will have of once owning a Japanese motorcycle that would now be considered as vintage, AND the desire that an individual may have to acquire / own / ride a vintage Japanese bike that has a classic look of a past era that is seldom seen today.

Membership in VJMC is a 2-part fee process. Membership in the International organization is first required to obtain a membership number, fee in US dollars: $40 one year / $75 two years / $100 three years (membership includes a bi-montly magazine). An additional fee of $20 Cdn for membership in the Calgary chapter has been member-approved as an annual supplement going towards the expense of participating in events and workshops, club promotion and general operational supplies.

To join the VJMC Parent Organization you can do so on their website. When you recieve your membership package from the parent group, please contact the Calgary exec with your membership number to be placed on our active Calgary member list.

You will need to fill out the Calgary Membership Form and either email it or bring it with you to your first meeting.
Download your membership form here.